New Teacher Meeting

February 24, 2014

Classroom Management Best Practices

Tips to good classroom management:

  1. Order proceeds learning
  2. Well structured lessons that utilizes the vast majority of the period (Overplan)
  3. Be fair and consistent with the students
  4. Deal with Disruptions with as Little Interruption as Possible
  5. Start fresh everyday
  6. Check organization of the classroom (layout of the desks and your proximity to the students.)
  7. Open lines of communication with families

Other Classroom Resources

  1. Fall Down 7 Times Get Up 8: Teaching Kids to Succeed by Debbie Silver
  2. Strategic Teacher
  3. (ASCD Tips)
  4. Google Rick Wormeli

Using GAFE

Google Apps for Education

  • great way to get kids to work collaboratively in class or at home
  • Need to have a account

Using Technology in the Classroom

  1. How to sign up for the computer lab (Signup Genius)
  2. Always have a well structured plan when using the internet
  • Keep the students focused and be specific
  • Have a purpose when in the lab or on a laptops
  • Definitely add computer activities to your repertoire. It will add a nice change of pace for you and the students.
  • Become familiar with the Google Chrome Environment