Food Fellowship and Fun

We are going to make your Mother's Day Shopping EASY

Celebrate the Women you Love

Jim Eckstrom is gathering up the guys for a night of food, fellowship, and fun shopping for a one of a kind locket for the special women in your life. Living Lockets make a wonderful, personal, one of a kind gift for wives, moms, sisters, daughters, any one special in your life.

Origami Owl Jewelry Bar

Saturday, April 26th, 6:30pm

39653 Whitecap Way

Fremont, CA

Look at the wonderful products on line.

1.) Log onto our replicated website

2.) Once you’re on the homepage, click onto "product" (next to the search box)

3.) Click one of the two options...Search by Hostess OR Search by Jewelry Bar number. Number is 288907, Host is Jim Eckstom

4.) Once the Jewelry Bar pops up...Click on the Turquoise "Shop Online" next to the JB info:)