By: LP

Hippies were also known as flower children.

Peace. Love. Happiness. If one added all of those things up into a person they would get a flower child or a hippie. Hippies made a large impact on america in the 1960's. The word hippie came from the word "hip" which tuned in. They were also called flower children because they used flowers to communicate gentleness and love so, they would wear flowers on their cheeks. They would also have long hair and walked barefoot or in sandals, and that's why they got so much attention because of their unusual clothing.

They used A LOT of drugs to shape many of their ideas. Hippies and/or flower children admired Timothy Leary, a psychologist who preached salvation through drugs. Usually they were not involved in politics, however they were eco-friendly and vegetarian. Because most of them were pretty young/middle aged they were not well understood.

The keynote of their life was love, They wanted no harm and also they broke away from tradition and did not follow in their parents footsteps they did what they wanted. As one may see hippies and flower children were very calm but interesting people.


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