Voluminous Venezuela

Get ready to have the time of your life!

Why wouldn't you want to go? Venezuela has a lot to offer.

-Angel Falls: The highest waterfall in the world stands 979 meters tall!

-Playa El Yaque: The weather conditions are always perfect for windsurfing and kitesurfing.

-Pico Naiguata- The tallest summit in Venezuela !

-Local Cuisines: The common dish consists of shredded beef, rice, and plantains! Yum!

-Playa El Agua: The most famous beach in Venezuela!

-Altamira: A neighborhood that has its own metro station, lots of hotels, and the greatest restaurants!

-Miraflores Palace: The official work place of the president of Venezuela!

-Jesus Soto museum of modern art: Named after the most known artist in Venezuela.

Common Dishes in Venezuela!

Arepa- A baked, fried or grilled cornmeal cake that takes place of bread in most dishes eaten in Venezuela.

Noquis- This is a potato pasta that originated from Italy.

Cannoli- A pasta tube filled with cheese, honey, or chocolate.

One Venezuelan Bolivar=10 cents in the US