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How to keep your circulatory system healthy and strong!

The Circulatory System!

The Circulatory System transfers your blood from allover the body. It provides oxygen to your muscles. It takes oxygen from your lungs to your whole body. The heart pumps the blood through out the body.The blood gets filtered through the kidneys. You need to keep these organs healthy for your survival.

How to keeps the organs healthy!

To keep these organs strong, you need to follow some simple guidelines:

Lungs- Stay away from dangerous chemicals and areas with a lot of smoke.

Kidneys- Drink a safe amount of water and eat healthy foods

Heart-Eat healthy and stay away from smoking.


Hypertension is when you have an abnormally high blood pressure. It can form at any time and symptoms could not show for years. You can prevent it by eating healthy, cut back on salt, and monitor your blood pressure.