German Heritage Project

Noah Dougherty

Germany Map

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The official language of Germany is German.

Flag of Germany

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German Foods


Germany is know for many different kinds of breads and baked goods. Brezeln is the name for "pretzels" in German. This food was first made in Germany.
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3 Interesting Facts about Germany

1. Dogs are treated like kings. They can go anywhere. They even have their own pools! Cool!

2. The first printed book was in Germany.

3. Germany has over 400 zoos. That is the most in the world.


Oktoberfest is a famous festival in the German city of Munich. It is the most visited festival and the world's largest fair. It starts at the end of September util the first weekend in October. The German people celebrate Oktoberfest by wearing traditional costumes, music, and dancing.

Christmas Tree

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Our family celebrates Christmas by putting up and decorating a Christmas tree. The Christmas tree tradition comes form Germany.