Element Assignment : Mercury

By: Aaliyah Clarke

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Basic Information:

Name: mercury

Symbol: Hg

Atomic Number: 80

Atomic Mass: 201(200.59)

Group # / Name: Group 12 / Metals

Period: Period 6

State at room temperature: Liquid

Colour: Silver/Grey

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Physical properties:

State of Matter: Liquid Common use: For thermometers

Colour: Silvery- grey

Odour: Odourless

Electrical/Heat Conductivity: Strong (good)

Density: High

Lustre: Shiny/Mirror-like reflection

Viscosity: Low ( Water-like consistency)

Chemical Properties

Toxicity: Very high

Reactivity with acids: Commonly has great reaction with hot acids rather than cold acids (No reaction)

Oxidization: Does not readily react with oxygen

Compounds: Are pigmented pesticides and medicines

Social applications

Though I could not locate any social applications here's what I think...

Economic Applications

  • Mercury used in thermometers, barometers, and manometers- creating business in health appliances
  • Used in the manufacturing of Chlorine and sodium hydroxide
  • Used in electrical gear- switches and rectifiers ( need reliability)

Environmental Effects

  • Can contaminate our fresh water ( Thus effecting us)
  • can cause nerve damage in organisms( converted to methyl mercury)-consumed by fish
  • accumulation of mercury in our ground- create larger amount of contaminated water
  • Damage our food chains- mercury passed on
  • Strong effect on wildlife and body ( Kidney, stomach)


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