History of germany

Germany was founded by Otto Von Bismarck in 1939,world war two started and Germany was a big part of it.a leader called Adolf hitler lead the nazis and killed about 6 million Jews. In 1945,the end of World War Two,Germany split into a west and east parts.a wall called the Berlin wall was built to split the two sides.germany was split from 1945-1989,39 years! Germany is very big at soccer.they won the world four times,including last years World Cup.


Germany has a federal republic

A federal republic is a federation of states with a republican form of government.


Germanies currency is a used to be the deutsche mark

European union

Germany joined the European Union in was a founding has the largest population in the e.u.
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The flag

The German flag used today was adopted in 1949.germany has had many different flags in the past.
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Major city's

The capital:Berlin

Major city's






Highest point- zugspitze

Lowest point- neuendorf bei wilster

Longest river- Rhine river


Germany is on the northwestern side of Europe.the coordinates of Germany are 52N,13E.germany is next to nine countries,Denmark,Poland,Czech republic,Austria,Switzerland,France,Belgium,Luxembourg,and the Netherlands.
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tourist attractions

There are many places in Germany that attract many tourists.these are the top three.

1.the Berlin wall.It is a historical site to divide west and east Germany

2.the Brandenburg gate.It marks

the the road from Berlin to Brandenburg.It was damaged in ww2,but restored in 2002.

3.the neuschwanstein castle.This castle is in southwest is very luxurious and about 61 million people have visited it.

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