First Bull Run

July 16, 1861

Manassas Virgina

The Union army had 28000 troops at the beginning of the battle and lost 480 men, had 1000 wounded and was missing over 1200 of their troops.

The confederate army had 30800 troops at the beginning of the battle and lost 390, had 1600 wounded and close to a dozen missing.

Confederate Victory

The result of the first bull run was victorious for the confederate forces. This was the first major land battle, even though victorious, although they were to unorganized to persue the union army. This battle showed that the confederate army proved strong enough to have a good chance at winning the war.

Commanders of the armies

The union army, controlled by Abraham Lincoln, had the general Irvin Mcdowell

The confederate army,led by Robert E Lee, had generals P. G. T. Beauregard and "Stonewall Jackson"