levittown and the suburbs.

american life invention project

The suburbs.

American society in the 195o's was a very trend following society. When the idea of suburbs came along it instantly became a popular idea. People liked the idea of a having a nice home and being part of such a popular idea. When soldiers came home after ww2 ended, the reunited families needed a home.

William Levitt.

William Levitt had the idea to delovop homes that were needed by these families. 1947. He made large developments of houses that were sold very inexpensively. The popularity of the suburbs grew as more houses were selling. William Levitt produced many houses in a new technique and his idea grew throughout the country. His idea led to the building of communities of affordable family homes on the outskirts of a city or major area of employment which is a way of life that we now call the suburbs.

a new way of life.

american society.

American society changed in the 195o's dramatically. The suburbs along with other inventions gave americans a way of life to strive for. With the new development of houses, many families wanted that ideal home. But, the suburbs were not just an idea, it was something that was achievable. With a new home housewives enjoyed a nice kitchen they could have to themselves and the husbands had a wonderful house to come home to. Living in the suburbs gave the people a new way of thinking. They strived to have what everyone else who lived in this ideal life had.

Levittown was a turning point in American life. The fact that the houses were developed so similarly gave the idea to americans to want this similar life. It influenced how people percieved the ideal house, the ideal family, and the ideal life. The people that lived in Levittown thought that they had this, because that is what everyone around them had also. They felt accomplished in a way that they had what was wanted by many. The society of America was shaped in the 195o's, especially by Levittown. It was a simple idea that became popular and led to a new way of life.

the ideal life.

american life invention project.

Hannah Beebe and Mallary Byrd



Houses in Levittown were very inexpensive. The average price of a house was between 10,000 to 15,000. The families that occupied the houses were a single family with a husband, wive, and one or two kids. The houses were small but included all the room the families needed. The fact that they could buy a house so inexpensively is what made the houses so popular.

Levittown started on the East Coast. The first major subdivision that was established was in the community of Roslyn on Long Island which consisted of 2,250 homes. After it was proven successful in Long Island, the idea spread throughout the East Coast and the country.