The Dolphin Whistle

January 7th, 2015 - Issue 19

Principal's Message

Dear Parents,

Happy New Year!

Everyone is back and energized to provide an excellent education for your child! We will be emphasizing goal setting with students in every grade this year, so please talk to your children in the next two weeks about what their goals are for their learning this year. Also, the teachers will be sending home information about the class academic goals and the charts that individual students will be using to record their achievement toward their goals for each class assessment.

It is important that students are academically-focused all day at school. When both school and parents include individual goals in their everyday conversations, children better understand the purpose of schooling and also better understand the connections between the individual activities and lessons that they experience every day. Please help support your child by including their goals in your daily conversations about school.

Best regards,
Theresa Lambert
Principal Mariano Castro Elementary

5th Grade - Science Camp is Coming!

Science Camp runs 1/19-1/22 and is for ALL 5th Grade students.

If making a donation is difficult at this time, please make an appointment to speak with Ms. Lambert in person or by phone.

Nutrition Classes Start January 13th!

Join us for the Santa Clara County Nutrition Classes for Parents, held here at Castro! The classes are open to all parents - simply come to the cafeteria at 6:15pm.

1/13: Wednesday from 6:15-7:15
2/24: Wednesday from 6:15-7:15
3/16: Wednesday from 6:15-7:15
4/20: Wednesday from 6:15-7:15
5/18: Wednesday from 6:15-7:15

Parents will go to the MUR and children will go to the Staff Lounge. We hope you'll join us!

PTA News

Students, don't forget - Read and get a free ticket to six flags!

Students, remember to log the reading you did over winter break!

Teachers have handed out the forms to students. If your student reads for six hours and you initial the form, they can hand it back and get a free ticket to Six Flags!

Keep the learning going!

From the District

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Did you know that your children can suffer academically if they miss 10 percent of school days? That works out to just one day every two weeks, and that can happen before you know it. So get your children off to a good start. For more information, see

5th Graders Going to Graham

Now is your chance to order Graham t-shirts, sweatshirts and sweatpants. You only have a few days. The store closes Thursday, January 14, at 8 pm. So order now at:

You will have another chance to order Graham Wear in August, but if your child would like to wear their Graham T-shirt or Sweatshirt now, this is your chance to order. The new Class of 2019 t-shirts are available in a regular t-shirt or a Women’s t-shirt. Your order will be ready for pick-up at the Parent Info Night at Graham on Feb. 3.

At Info Night there will also be a limited selection of zip-up hoodies and sweats for sale. Graham Wear is not required and is not a fundraiser. Graham Wear is for fun and school spirit. Credit cards only. No returns or exchanges. Sorry no late orders will be accepted. Please email any questions to

Calendar of Upcoming Events

1/7 - Thursday: Project Cornerstone Meeting, 8:40-9:40AM, Staff Lounge

1/7 - Thursday: Project Cornerstone Meeting, 6:30-7:30PM, Staff Lounge

1/11- Monday: 4th Grade Marine Science Institute Field Trip - Rms. 15 & 16, 9:00 AM1:45 PM

1/11 - Monday: DELAC Meeting, 5:30PM-8:30PM, District Office

1/12 - Tuesday: ELAC Meeting, 6:00-7:30, MUR

1/13 - Wednesday: Nutrition classes begin, 6:15-7:15PM, MUR (parents) and Staff Lounge (students)

1/19 - 1/22: Walden West Outdoor School for 5th grade

1/19 - Tuesday: District Advisory Council Meeting, 6PM-7:30PM, District Office

1/20 - Wednesday: 1st Grade Field Trip to Deer Hollow Farm, 8:50AM-1:35PM
1/21 - Thursday: MVWSD Board Meeting, 7:00 PM-9:00 PM, District Office
1/21- Thursday FEI begins - Week 1 6:00 PM 8:00 PM

1/27 - Wednesday PTA General Mtg. 6:30 PM 8:00 PM, MUR

1/28 - Thursday Personal Success Assembly 11:45 AM 12:15 PM MUR

2/4 - Thursday Project CornerStone - Staff Lounge 8:40 AM 9:40 AM Staff Lounge

2/4 - Thursday Amigos Kickoff 5:45 PM 8:15 PM, MUR

2/4 - Thursday Project CornerStone - Staff Lounge 6:30 PM 7:30 PM Staff Lounge

2/4 -Thursday MVWSD Board Mtg 7:00 PM 9:00 PM, District Office

Flyers for This Week