The Smart Locker System

Making sure you have the perfect locker

Making sure you have the perfect locker

Why did I choose to create the Smart Locker System? Well when designing this invention I knew that there are obvious unspoken things that the majority of the public look for before they buy a product. For example originality, I liked this product because the majority of new products nowadays are phones. Therefore I knew that trying to compete with the big companies would not work to my advantage in sale statistics. Another thing to consider is how obvious the invention is, for example if someone asked you to create a well needed product to benefit our everyday life; they probably wouldn’t say a locker system. But understanding life as a student, I was able to learn that the most effective and helpful inventions are the ones that take detailed thinking and calculations to create. I was able to take apart my task which was to create a product with the purpose to academically benefit kids from the ages 12-18. I considered many things such as, how useful would it be, how would kids and parents respond to this product, what kind of message am I sending to the public or community by creating a product like a smart locker system. However, the most important question for me was what does the public want? What aspects or features could I add to my product to make them want it even more? In the end I decided that the Smart Locker System worked to my advantage as well as positively answered many questions with a positive and practical solution. As of originality I decided that because lockers wouldn’t seem as a main concern to a large group of people making a Smart Locker System was not only original but could also help convince and persuade people that kids nowadays often ranging from the ages 12-18 do find many problems with locker usage. We may be able to find lockers anywhere, in a new job, or at school. No matter where or why, the originality of the smart locker system can greatly help benefit the consumer and/or user. I also realized that this product could be sold very easily due to the fact that there aren’t many inventions like this on the market right now. Another thing that made me want to create this product is the alternative message that I was sending, it showed that when designing I didn’t try to tell people how lockers were bad or inconvenient but how they could be improved. Also having to use lockers made me realize we can’t always spend time cleaning it out. So with our cleaning feature there is a chance we may not have to do locker cleanouts at all. These are only a sm

This product is best suited for 12-18 year olds because older people do not use lockers after high school. Kids nowadays don’t have the time to organize their lockers during school. They also have a lot of other problems such as getting their lock combinations right or their phones running out of battery or even having someone hacking into their locker. The smart locker system targeted these problems and many more by adding a double check lock structure, a battery powered charger and the ultimate smart locker security system. Its features and details like this that make me believe that the targeted audience for the smart locker system is kids from the ages 12-18. I believe that while creating this product I, as well as my group were able to consider different aspects, ideas and perspectives that may not be obvious or visible to others who have not had the experience themselves. The first-hand perspective has allowed me to understand the attitude or reaction the target audience (12-18 year olds). It has also given me an edge while designing and thinking of possible features. For example the customize feature, this is an interesting feature that allow kids to express their opinions, and creativity. If your idol is a famous singer the customize feature: an ultra strong magnet that allows you to keep your posters on the inside of your locker. We think that seeing someone that inspires you can give you motivation when you’re having a hard day, I believe feature like this really target the age range of 12-18 year olds.

My product is a smart locker system; this is not a system but a portable item that you can stick on the inside of your locker. It has the newest stick-on technology and can be removed and resticked without any marks or trouble. The smart locker system not only targets the most important and significant needs but its new upgrade system allows you to have a little something for yourself. However the most important needs do come first, the agile metal arms help you keep your locker clean and your binders organized. The keypad code system and camera allow you to have solid evidence of your hackers. Keeping your posters up can really be a pain in busy hallways so the ultra strong magnet also known as our customize feature keeps your posters up no matter how busy it is. Now calling your parents on a cell phone that’s out of batteries doesn’t usually work either, so we put in a battery powered charger, in case of an emergency. Now earlier I mentioned that we have a new upgrade system. I like to think of this as the ultimate feature. With the new upgrade system you can customize your own feature to make the smart locker system your dream locker system. The smart locker system is easy to use and reliable. One of the things we take pride in is our 24 hour customer service calling system should any problem arise. These are just a few of the many available with our new upgrade system. I hope you know that the upgrade system is very helpful and can benefit you no matter what your problem is.

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