Talha, Wilson, Salman

What is Fascism

A governmental system led by a dictator having complete power,forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism,regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., andemphasizing an aggressive nationalism and oftenracism.
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Pros of Fascism

Enhances Security
  • Military plays vital role
  • Most of nation's resources supplied to military
  • Stronger military means better protection
Economic Growth

  • Resources controlled and owned by government
  • Government gains all revenue from selling resources
  • Improves living standards for citizens

Cons of Fascism

Suppression of free speech

  • Citizens are unable to voice their opinions
  • Protests are suppressed and contained

Violation of Human Rights

  • Slavery, concentration camps and racism can occur
  • Lack of privacy

Examples of Fascism

Nazi Germany (1933-1945): Adolf Hitler

Italy (1922-1943): Benito Mussolini

Japan (1931-1945): Hideki Tojo

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