Checks and Balances

Steffanie Foster 7th period

What is checks and balances?

Checks and balances is a system that makes sure that one branch of government never has too much power. For example the congress can pass laws but the president can veto the bill. Then congress can override the president’s veto if they get enough votes. Checks and Balances help a democracy work because it doesn't give one person all the power or too much power to one person like in Great Britain, kings and queens. This gives each branch of government equal amount of power so it's not like having a king or queen because colonist did not want a government like what they had in Great Britain. That is why they came to the New World. They wanted a government where people had a say and one person was not too powerful.


This picture shows how each branch of government manages each other. So that one branch does not have too much power.


Checks and Balances
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