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Eight Grade President Down Again

Hello and welcome to our News article. Where we have heard of a fist to face fight Well not really the eight grade president just gotten beaten up. The Eight grade president (known as cap) would not choose to fight back Cap was just mumbling that he had wanted peace. Which as you seen from the title he had not gotten any. As we were looking in it was a different person who had affected him the first time, the first time was the football team. Next it was a pear who had hit him in his face leading him to go to the hospital all most strait away.

The one who had affected Capricorn Anderson said it was all a accident not trying to hit him but someone else which may be true because he did drag him into the nurse's room. The pear was telling us that Even though it was a accident he should take all the blame and i did feel really bad for him. It also gave him some rough wind through out the school he was getting name called losing his friends and/ or no one to talk to most of the time.

We have concluded that Capricorn may not come out for a long time and no he is not dead is just that he is thoroughly injured leaving him at the hospital for a few weeks maybe if he is lucky he can come home.

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Is locomotion a fluke? is it inspiring? I thought that locomotion was a very emotional through out the whole time. The book has shown us that you don't know what you have until it is gone. It also shows that what seems important now is not really that important compared to your family or friends. It had taught me that everything can be conquered through being yourself.

Some things in the book make you ask what will you do in that situation or how would you react or what would you do. Like how he got over his parents getting burned down and him starting a new life with out his own sister but still getting to see her on visits some time. How would it feel living life like today u may get kicked out or that you need to switch your personality to stay or everyday you could be thrown out.

I have also learned that you need to leave things behind to stay into the present and future but mainly to leave the past in past. I have seen that it is better when you miss something not to complain about it but to have it in you memories or to keep it in a special object or to just show something to represent it.

I would give this book a 4 star rating because it was a good book over all but it was all in poem form and some of the poems did not make sense to what was happening right then.

picture caption: Locomotion the book

Dear Abby Letters

Dear Cleveland Government

Cleveland government we need your help on what to do with the trash on our lot we need it to go away so we can make our community garden (vacant lot). it has been a trouble on how people keep dropping trash on our garden trash crushing plants ruining the soil. Which the better the soil is or better the plants are more people would like to join the apartment complex.

Giving more money to you as the government. It is important for you to get back at us as quick as possible because of health reasons. Someone could get hit or get sick of all the trash leaving diseases or bugs to infect our beautiful garden. It would also be great if you could help us protect our things from robbery or if someone comes and attacks us while planting or making improvements to our garden.

We need some help also because the plot is getting more and more used up. we wont be able to please everyone because we need more ground. WE also need some advice on what we will do when it is winter or snows thank you. The people also need an easier way to give it water.

Cleveland residents

You can keep the trash out by asking the one who owns the complex to make it a thing if that they throw trash out they will receive some kind of punishment. Or you can ask everyone and make a little thing where you do a thing for them so they wont litter or throw trash on your garden. For the soil you need to put a little above protector so you can make it prevent things to fall in.

For health reasons do what i said in the paragraph above or put on gloves or something to protect your hands and always ash your hands after you you have planted. It would also be helpful for you and the garden if you put up jobs somebody takes the trash someone else checks on the weather and prep about it and some else can do a little watering on other peoples plants if the grass is looking dried.

And for all you need to be in with each other to understand what is happening or get along with each other which means if someone needs help you need to be there for them and as always share the land so no fights or anything will be stopped from happening.