Live Broadcast

Abby Paque 8th Hour Physical Science

Attempting To Watch The APMAs

Watching a live broadcast can be a frustrating when the broadcaster is having difficulties with the live feed. Emma and I were at our friend Gabby's house watching the APMAs. This is an award show for rock/alternative music. There were also a few bands playing that we knew, and wanted to see perform. Jack Barakat and Alex Gaskarth, two members from All Time Low, one of our favorite bands, we're hosting the APMAs.
This is Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat, the hosts of the 2015 Alternative Press Music Awards.


Search For Science

Connection #1- The first way this connects to science is that they had to live broadcast it to YouTube. This involves science, because they had to use technology to broadcast the video live to YouTube.

Connection #2- The winners of the APMAs win by popular vote. Anyone from around the world can vote for who wins the APMAs, as long as they have access to the Internet. This involves science, because they have to make a system that allows so many people to vote. Also, they have to find a time efficient way to tally up the votes for each category and band/musician.

I Wonder...

I wonder how they decide which bands are even eligible to win? Also, what kind of system would they have to use to broadcast such a huge event live? How would they be able to make a system that is accessible to anyone with Internet access, so many people can vote for their favorite band/musician? How can they make the actual show run so smoothly, when they are using so much electricity?