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September 3, 2019

IPR Grade Submission- Grade Cutoff is Friday!

The last day to collect grades for the 1st Interim Progress Report is Friday, September 6.

Grades must be submitted by 11:59 PM on Monday, September 9.

You can find instructions for submitting grades here.

If you need any help with grade submission, please come see me!

Click here for a complete list of grade send deadlines.

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5C Badges are OPEN!

Ready to earn your Chromebook? Start the process by meeting with me! I will add you to the 5C Canvas course and get you on your way!

Blazer Buttons are OPEN!

If you started the buttons program last year you may pick up where you left off. We have 5 new buttons on the board and more coming in a few weeks. Find the buttons at bit.ly/blazerbuttons

Can't see your LTHS Bookmarks?

If you cannot see the bookmarks folder in the bookmarks bar at the top left of your Chrome browser, then you need to check three things:

  1. Is LTHS your home campus? Only our home campus teachers can see these.
  2. Are you logged in to Chrome with your FISD account? Look at the top right to see if you are logged in.
  3. Are you syncing in Chrome? Click your picture/initials and see if it says it is synced or if it has a button that allows you to start syncing. You need to sync to see the bookmarks folder.

Profile Reset in Eduphoria

Here is the deal- we need you to reset your profile in Eduphoria. It may only let you through the first page before it kicks you back to your home screen and THAT IS OKAY! At least you will have your campus set correctly then and your appraisers will be able to find you! Click on this link for instructions.

State of the Chromebooks

  • Baylor- #3 and #4 missing keys and are still out for repair
  • Trinity #10 has a broken charging port

  • UT #1 has been found! We are back to 15 Chromebooks in that cart!
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No dates in Blueprints? What does that mean?

When you create assignments and such in a blueprint, do not put a date on it. Instead, go into the shall course and assign due dates there. Assign events in shell courses as well. If you care why keep reading.

The reason has to do with the Syllabus page in your course. What we have found is that teachers who had assignments with due dates in their blueprints last year are seeing those same dates pop up in their students' syllabi this year as well. Which means the kids are having to sort through all sorts of old dates before they find their current assignments. It is something easy to fix at this point in the year, and something we were not anticipating but is easy to avoid. So avoid using dates in your blueprints and save yourself a headache.

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Are You Missing Google Classroom?

You can use something called Google Course Kit in Canvas to do some of the things that you could do in Google Classroom, and that includes their new plagiarism checker that you might have been hearing about the last couple of weeks!

So mark your calendars because I am going to do a couple of trainings on utilizing Google Course Kit with Canvas next week.

THESE LINKS HAV CHANGED! I am making it so you can register which will give you access to the recording if you want it! It will also send you an email reminder with the link to the webinar in it.

Face to Face Trainings- 4 options

B112 - September 11

8-8:30 am

Mega Lunch A

Mega Lunch B

or 4:30- 5 pm

Or join one of my webinars (registration required- register by clicking a link below)

September 12

Mega Lunch A with this URL https://Region10.zoom.us/meeting/register/fbcfa5256528a604cde7dc3c8da9331e

Mega Lunch B with this URL https://Region10.zoom.us/meeting/register/fbcfa5256528a604cde7dc3c8da9331e (yes, it is the same as A lunch)

or 4:30-5:00 with this URL https://Region10.zoom.us/meeting/register/7368c58eda4b885b7510d14dfea9e911

These will be recorded!