SIGnificant Times

SIG Amherst

The First Day!

Greetings SIG Parents, Family, and Friends.

Our first day of camp was a very exciting day! Staff members awoke, at breakfast, and waited for campers to come. When campers arrived, they were greeted by SIG Staff members, given keys and lunch cards, and settled into their rooms. Housemasters, Resident Assistants (R.A.'s), and Counselors then took students on a tour to give them a sense of the campus, and so they will know where classes are. Afterwards, individual houses had meetings to discuss rules and procedures before dinner. Later in the day, there was a full camp meeting of campers and staff. We all got to know each other and spent time getting ready for the day ahead. We're very excited about camp. We know campers are going to have a wonderful time!

Hitting the ground running!

On Monday, classes and activities began. Students have a full day of fun, rigorous classes on a wide variety of subjects. When campers are not in class, they participated in such events as swimming, basketball, board games, arts and crafts, and others. Students were also entertained by Chris Bolter, Magician/Mentalist. We're having so much fun, and it's only the beginning!