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Hazelwood Elementary School



Come grab a warm waffle cone and support the Hazelwood Elementary School PTO at Jack the Dipper!

10% of all sales at the Waynesville Jack the Dipper location on Monday, September 12 will be donated to our PTO fund to support our teachers and staff throughout the school year.

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School Improvement: Every Child, Every Day!

Our Teachers have been digging deep with word attack skills and comprehension skills during quality interactive read alouds. As you walk across the campus throughout the instructional day, interactive read alouds are used in cross curricular settings. From teaching new core vocabulary in the Library to a Science concept in Third Grade, teachers plan and prepare interactive read alouds using Depths of Knowledge questions and Tiered Vocabulary. Whether Kindergarten is introducing name recognition or important social-emotional skills, the read alouds used provide skill sets for years to come.

School Safety

  • We completed safety walks throughout the school this week with local Law Enforcement to ensure our current safety plan is implemented and working well.
  • Thank you for remaining in the car line to help keep students safe during morning drop-off.
  • Thank you for working together to watch out for our Pre-K families as they crossed the car line last week.
  • We received valuable information from the Wildlife Commission last week and have developed a plan to inform students of wildlife safety.


Please encourage your student to remember they have the opportunity to earn positive behavior stickers in the following ways:


  • Excellent Behavior in Art, Counseling, Media Center, Music & PE.

  • Excellent Behavior Recognized during Class, Lunch, or in the Hallway by other Teachers.


  • No Tardies to Class for an entire Week. Students are in Class and Ready To Go when the 8:00 bell rings. (M-F)

  • No Absences for Ten Days

  • Anyone with Perfect Attendance for an entire 9 -week period earns a star for their class.


  • When the Principal or Assistant Principal catches a class with excellent behavior or performance, they may give the class a bone to add to their sticker count.

At the end of each 9-week period, the class with the most stickers will be rewarded with a special surprise!

**1st 9 Week Period ends on the 21st of October**

Hazelwood Spotlights: HES Teacher of the Year - Rosemary Rogers

Tells us about yourself… I am from Waynesville. I am married to Jeremy. We have one son named Mark who is 15, and my baby, Ruby.

What made you go into education? My mom was a teacher. I always wanted to be a teacher. I played ”school” my entire childhood.

Did you have a teacher who made an impact on you as a student? Mrs. Bryson, my 5th grade teacher. She saw my artistic talent and pushed me to use it. My mom also had breast cancer and my teacher was a force of stability for me during this time.

If you were stranded on an island teaching, what are the top five items you must have?

1.Electric Whistle

2. Markers and post it paper for anchor charts

3. A good Chapter book for read alouds

4. Matches to teach science

5. A kickball to keep them entertained during recess

Upcoming Dates

  • September 7 - School-wide Hearing Screenings
  • September 9 - Fall Picture Day
  • September 12 - HES PTO Ice Cream Night
  • September 21 - Bible Club Begins - Look for Sign-up Sheets in Student Folders
  • October 10 - School-wide Vision Screenings
  • October 20 and 21 - Annual Bike Rodeo in P.E. Class
  • October 25 - THS Band Tour at HES