Sports Marketing

Career Description

Environment: Sometimes similar to a typical office setting and can also involve traveling.

Details: Can involve advertising and spreading the name and promoting your sports team.

Hours: Hours are just your simple day to day full time job hours.

Stress Level: this is dependent on the team, company or organization you work for. Usually it is not considered to be a stressful job.

Why Pick This Career?

I have always been a huge sports fan my entire life. Mainly basketball and football. I am also really into marketing and DECA here at Saline High School, so it only makes sense that i would want to pursue a career combining both of those things.

Education Path

Bowling Green State has one of , if not the best sports marketing programs in the United States of America. I plan to attend that university for 4 years, I will major in general business and minor in sports marketing. The university also does a great job of connecting you with people that are very experienced in this field.


With this job there are many different jobs all over the world. I would preferably love to stay home or go out to California. I would honestly take a job anywhere though, I have a feeling i'm going to love this career and I believe ill be happy anywhere.

Opinion Interview

From what I researched many people said that this career can be very fun. It is a job that can involve traveling and a lot of interaction with others. There is also a lot of collaboration involved.