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This Is The Year: Our One Chance Inspire (Inspiring video for new school year)

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Click HERE for Digital Signature for AUP for 2021-2022

This year, this will be your agreement to abide by RCS's policy (linked right below this).

#3. Is That Email Safe or Not?? - WATCH for INFORMATION

Spam vs Phishing

#5. Technology Work Orders

When something isn't working in your room, you will need to submit a work order. From our webpage, click on Academics-->Teacher Resources and in the red menu, click School Dude Work Orders (4th link down).

Filling Out the Work Order:

Once there, you will choose from the drop down list what type of work order it is (laptop, projector, telephone, etc.). In the "Location" box, start typing our school's name in and you will see all 3 of the Stewarts Creek campus names pop up. Choose Stewarts Creek High School. Leave Buidling & Area fields EMPTY. Last, enter the Room number or area (if you are in an office). ***IMPORTANT--For EACH problem you have, enter a SEPARATE work order.

Joe Pfeifer will be our technician this year and will be here on Tuesdays and Fridays. As always at the beginning of the year, there are a lot of things that need to be fixed and set up. We will be working through the issues by priority. The first goal is to make sure all the offices, teacher equipment, and computer labs are up and running. You can submit work orders for student computers, but they will not be a high priority at this time.

Thank you for your patience.

#6. Setting Up Your Classroom/Technology Items


As you set up your classroom computers, please be sure to do the following.

  • Do not block the network drops on the walls with bookshelves, desks, cabinets, etc. We have to be able to access these at all times.

  • I will say it again: Do not block the network drops on the walls with bookshelves, desks, cabinets, etc. We have to be able to access these at all times.

  • Plug in and connect everything -- including printer, student computers, document camera (if you checked one out)

  • Make sure you plug in the 2 white network cables from the back of the computer cart to the wall. One is for your phone and one is for your computer.

  • Test the projector to make sure it is showing your computer. PLUG in the blue projector cable in to the wall prior to turning on your computer. **The newest image is set up so that your projector is on Extended Display instead of Duplicated or Cloned Display. To change this, press the Windows + P buttons on your keyboard to open up the display options. Then, choose Extended display.**

  • Test the Video feed for Announcements (found in Teacher Apps>Live video folder)

  • Test out the speakers/audio to make sure these are working. (Sometimes, the sound is turned way down on your projector remote OR your sound is turned off on your computer OR BOTH!) Also, if you still don't have sound coming out of your speakers and they are NOT muted, try hovering over the sound icon in the task bar on your computer and you will see a pop-up window and 2 options will appear. If one option doesn't work, try the other.

  • Help out your neighbors/team members (especially new teachers) that may not be familiar with all of these items.

#7. Need RuCo WiFi Connectivity Information?

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To connect to the Wifi on your phone or a personal iPad, you (OR YOUR STUDENTS) will need to follow these steps...

  • Select the RCS-Secure network option
  • It will then prompt you to give a username and a password
  • You will enter your email username and password
  • You will be asked to agree to the terms of using the wifi network when you join. (You may also be asked to "Trust the Certificate"; if you don't click to trust it, you won't be able to connect to the wi-fi network.)

***Please note: If you need a personal laptop to connect to the RCS-Secure WiFi, you will need to bring it to my office for me to run a utility that will allow you to log in with your RCS Credentials.

**Students MUST have Dr. Harrell's permission to bring and use their personal laptops at school.

The RCS-Secure will work in any of the Rutherford County Schools once you login. Let me know if you have any questions.

**The RCS-Secure will NOT work for subs or other people outside our RCS network.


Here are some reminders and refreshers:

  • Subs & Computer Use: (Memo from Central Office) Our agreement with PESG does not allow for substitutes to use classroom computers in any capacity. Please remind your staff that computer use should not be included in the lesson plans left for a substitute teacher. **This policy may change somewhat this year due to being more digital.** (More info will be sent out when we have updates.)

    eSchool Solutions employees are not covered under our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and should not be allowed to use a teacher’s log in/user name for computer access (Your email is vulnerable because it is tied to your log-in; this also applies to students' email.) This is intended to protect the teacher, school, system and eSchool Solutions employee.

  • Network programs-I will let you know when network programs (Clever, Kiddom, Edgenuity, etc.) are up and running.
  • Voicemail boxes-Please set these up ASAP!
  • Webpages-Edlio Webpages are to include some specific information this year. Watch for PD to be posted in Performance Matters on Teacher Web Pages!!
  • Email is for school use. Please do not send or forward jokes, political or religious emails. RCS email should not be used to sell things. Email is considered public knowledge so don't send anything that you do not want others to see. Please click here for RCS policies on use of Social Media.
  • At the end of the year, instructions are sent out about policies and procedures to prepare our equipment for the summer. Please follow those instructions closely to ensure that whoever is in "your" room next year (whether it is you or someone else) has everything that belongs to him/her. You may not move equipment to your new room.

Clever Portal

What is the Clever Portal? The Clever Portal puts learning at teachers’ and students’ fingertips. This is where ALL Rutherford County Students will access Kiddom and other district apps using the "Sign On with Active Directory" button.
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Get the NEW Microsoft Edge!

The NEW version of Microsoft Edge looks/acts like Chrome and syncs with what you have in Chrome. Download and install it ASAP.

Benefit for students: It has "Immersive Reader" in it for students who need some text read aloud for comprehension purposes. Great for those students with IEP's.

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