By: Kylee Schuenman

Definition of Fraud

Wrongful/criminal deception intended to result in financial/personal gain.
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Types of Fraud


Online Fraud

Retail/Auction Fraud

Identity Fraud

Corporate Fraud

Individual Fraud

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What Fraud Looks Like

Fake emails/messages to get someone to provide personal information.

Buy things online and you never get them.

Pay for a kit to make money to home. They send you a kit to scam someone just like they scammed you.

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To Stay Away From Fraud...

Do not reply to emails or texts from the fraud accounts.

If it looks too good to be true look up more about fraud.

Don't click on links in texts or emails.

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Example of Fraud

Your bank sends you an email saying they don't have your social security number. The email looks all official so, you think why not? Wrong! Your bank has everything they wouldn't lose that.
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