Room 8 News

Mrs. Fitzgerald, 3rd Grade

December 18, 2015

Hello Parents and Students,

Thank you so much for all of your generous holiday gifts! I appreciate it so much!

This week we wrapped up our STEM water filter unit. All of the water filters tested very well, and we were all able to make improved water filter designs. Check them out on the blue counter in our classroom.

We also wrapped up our Solar Energy Projects, which are displayed in the cafeteria. Today we were able to FaceTime with a representative from We Care/Share Solar. We were able to ask her some great questions and learn about the "solar backpack" program. It was a very unique experience!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday break and a very happy new year! See you in 2016!

Mrs. Fitzgerald

Face Time with Ms. Naughton from We Care Solar

Field Trip to the Theater

Building Water Filters

Teacher In-Service Day

Just a reminder that Monday, January 4, is a teacher in-service day. There will be no school/daycare on that day.

Week of 1/5 Spelling

  1. piece
  2. friend
  3. field
  4. said
  5. again
  6. asked
  7. only
  8. brought
  9. heard
  10. build
  11. believe
  12. heart
  13. weird
  14. height
  15. weight
  16. neighbor
  17. rattle
  18. pickle
  19. toes
  20. hospital
  21. interview
  22. poetry
  23. sword
  24. tongue
  25. unusual

Coming Up On Math Assessment 13...

· Finding the difference in a story problem

· Adding large numbers

· Finding change from $10.00

· Identifying the dimensions of a rectangle (length and width)

· Finding the area of a rectangle

· Naming line segments (parallel and perpendicular)

· Measuring using sixteenths of an inch

· Finding elapsed time

· Drawing arrays

· Finding missing addends with a sum of 100

Calendar Reminders...

Please refer to for all important calendar dates (tests, projects, reports, school events, school closure dates, etc.).