This Week in Ms. Heslop's Class

September 12-16

Reader's Workshop

This week we have been continuing to learn our routine for reader's workshop and how we rotate around the room between stations. We still have a little practice to do but it is a hard concept to grasp! In our stations we worked on rhyming, alphabetic order and matching uppercase and lowercase letters. In small groups with the teacher, students practiced sight words, writing letters, and reading simple sentences with one to one correspondence (one tap per word). As a whole group, we learned about our elbow partner who we share ideas with during lessons, the different parts of a book, and how to read a book with our partner. Next week we will introduce guided reading in our small groups!


In writing, we are working on forming the letters we are learning in Letter Land and sounding out short words. We are also working on responding to writing prompts using our weekly sight words. In Letter Land we learned about Clever Cat, Annie Apple, Dippy Duck, Harry Hat Man and Munching Mike. The students are doing well learning the letter sounds and body motions that go with each character!

Math Workshop

In math workshop we introduced the numbers 0-4 and spoke in detail and how they can be represented (on a number line, in a tens frame, in an equation, written as a word, etc.). In small groups with the teacher we worked on writing each number by singing a short poem about each. You may hear them singing these short songs at home! With partners students worked in stations on number recognition. Next week we will work on numbers 5-9!


On Friday evening 9/16 I will clear out the Dojo points that students have earned up until this point. We are, for the most part, comfortable with our routine and should know what is expected of us. Therefore, it is time to introduce the real rewards! Starting Monday your child will have a paper in their folder that, with your help, they will use to track their Dojo points. Each day you can talk about how many points they got/lost and the choices they made for those gains or losses to happen. You will have them color in the number of boxes for how many points they earned. Every 25 points they earn your child can pick a coupon that entitles them to a privilege! Examples include: pajama day, bring a stuffed animal to school, show and tell, teachers helper, line leader for the day, eat with the teacher, etc. I will explain this to the students on Monday and send you a reminder as well!