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Hello parents!
My name is Ms. Welker, your child's Math and Science teacher! This is going to be a weekly e-mail to update you with what your student will be working on in the week to come as well as send you any memos/reminders.

**Mrs. Cousins and I will be scheduling parent teacher conferences with all of our students soon. An invite letter will go home with your student and if for some reason you are not available on that date, then please make a note and we can reschedule. Thanks and looking forward to meeting with you all again!


We are continuing our discussions on numbers. We read the story, The Three Little Pigs and the Somewhat Bad Wolf, and the students were challenged to make a math connection from the book. This story is a great beginning to introduce and learn about place value. We discussed that the three little pigs each had their own house, and each pig made a slightly bigger house than the other. One by one they had to move into the next house and eventually all the characters in the book ended up in the last house (biggest house on the block). This story sets up my place value story about Mathville where there are three houses right next to each other...the one's house, the ten's house, and the hundred's house. Each house can hold a digit and there is only one rule they must all follow...the rule of 10! Once students learn this simple idea and connection then they can understand how we can use place value to compare and order numbers.

The students each got to make their own "Place Value Street" and we will keep this in class so that we can use it throughout the year. Students used their "feely numbers" as the digits and got to move the numbers around to make different numbers.

Next week, we will continue learning about place value, expanded notation, ways to represent a number, comparing and ordering numbers to 50, as well as addition to 12.

Also, students will learn the importance of "Zero" (often known as the sadest number of all digits). Students will discover that "Zero" does matter in the Mathville, and perhaps the best number of all!!

Please work with your student on writing their numbers the correct direction. I know this is something that kids struggle with (especially 3, 5, and 6).

Also, please make sure that your child's homework and homework folder is turned in by Friday. Please let me know if your child is struggling to complete the problems.

P.S. As your child about the math connection we made using the story: The Three Little Pigs and the Somewhat Bad Wolf!

Here is a link where two little boys read the book: The Three Little Pigs and the Somewhat Bad Wolf.


We just completed week two of our Weather unit! The students have been enjoying taking turns being our "Meteorologist" and telling us what the weather is like outside. The students have been observing, recording and graphing the different types of weather here at Wilder. I encourage you to discuss the weather with your child at home too!

We read the book: Thunder Cake by Patricia Polacco and discovered a neat way to track how far away a thunderstorm is from us. Patricia Polacco also teaches us to not be afraid of thunderstorms, because it makes the perfect weather for "Thunder Cake". Students were so excited about learning the secret ingredient that they all wanted the special recipe to make Thunder Cake at home. On Friday, they each received their very own recipe to take home.

Just for fun, I have attached two links that you and your family can enjoy together when the weather is perfect for Thunder Cake!

The author, Patricia Polacco reads the story, Thunder Cake!

What to learn how to make Thunder Cake??? Well, here you go, just click on the link and enjoy! Perhaps you can try this at home!

We also discovered why we have wind/air and learned about the different types of clouds! Next week, we will continue learning about clouds and discover/explore how we can make our own clouds in class! We will also study temperature and how to read a thermometer.

P.S. Ask your child about the story Thunder Cake and what the secret ingredient was?!?! Perhaps you can try out some "Thunder Cake" on a stormy day!! :)

Want to learn more about our beloved author, Patricia Polacco? Here is a link where she describes her childhood, shares a story about a teacher that inspired her to overcome a learning challenges, and talk about why she became an author of many great books!

Social Studies

In Social Studies, we have been studying Patriotism, Freedom, and how to be a good citizen. Our students learned the meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance, and why we recite the pledges each day at school. We discussed some of our US symbols and why they are important to America.We also finished our "How to Fill a Bucket" book, and challenged our students to fill someone's bucket each day by saying and doing nice things.

Students will continue their learning of mapping skills and why it is important to be able to read a map. Students will learn how to use cardinal directions, a compass, and map keys when finding and describing locations of places on maps. Students will be challenged to create their own map in class and at home.

Home Challenge: Do you know your fire escape route at home?

Students can create a map of their house and draw the route that they would take to get out of their house quickly in case of a fire. Students can also add the location outside where they would meet their family members in the "safe zone". Students can bring their map and share with the class!!

Notes and Reminders

Communication Folders

Hey Parents,

Please remember to check your child's blue communication folder every day and initial your child's behavior chart inside. This folder goes home everyday so please send any notes or important papers/forms in this folder so that we can stay connected! Plus, students are rewarded on Friday if they have their chart colored correctly and signed by their parents all week.

Lunch Time

There has been a change in our lunch schedule...our new lunch time is from 11:20-11:50.

Snack Time

Please remember that snacks should be a small individual snack and be of nutritional value. Your child may not eat dessert type snacks or fried chips in class. Students will have snack time at the end of the day. Students may not share their snack with any other student in class.

Also, if your child is bringing a special birthday treat for the class on Friday, please have it here before 1:30. Students will have snack earlier on Fridays due to teacher's PLC day.

**Please do not send a snack that contains nuts or peanut products. We have several students how are highly allergic to these items.

PTO Spirit Night- Cold Stone Creamery

Wednesday, Oct. 1st, 4:30-7:30pm

10645 Broadway St

Pearland, TX

Come and celebrate the first day of October with a yummy cold treat! Make it a double scoop and help support Wilder's PTO!!

Show your college spirit day!

Wednesday, Oct. 1st, 1-3am

2225 Kingsley Dr

Pearland, TX

Let's kick off this Fall season with our favorite college shirts. Today students can wear a college shirt to school.

Catalog Fundraiser Sales- Hurry Sales are ending soon!!

Monday, Sep. 15th, 3pm-8am

2225 Kingsley Dr

Pearland, TX

The holidays are just around the corner! This catalog fundraiser is a great way to get an early start for those gift giving ideas that you need. The proceeds from this fundraiser will go towards new technology for your child's school! Go Wilder Wolves!!!!

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