Mechanical Engineer

Career Cluster: S.T.E.M

By: Drake Dalton

I want to be a mechanical engineer

I have many reasons why this is my job for the furture and that i am the person for this job.

My Personal Strengths

I love this job because i love to build and i love to be creative and i also love to think and figure out hard problems.

Skills for This Job

The skills needed for this job is Reading, Math, Science, and Critical Thinking.

The Degree Needed

The degree needed for this is a bachelors degree or higher
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School Subjects

The school subject needed for this job is:Tech, Design, Math, and Physics.

Work environment

These are the work environment for this job

-You will work out and indoors

-You could stay or travel

-And you will work with tech and people


You can make 75,000 to about 100,000$ Year. You could make hourly 65.000$.

job Outlook

In the future This job will have allot of openings. In 2023 you will have +18% more jobs.


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