Learn How to Use Kitchen Equipment

Types of Equipment

Wire whisks, skillets, steamers, electric mixer, and liquid measuring cups are all types of kitchen equipment. They are all used in different types of ways. Learning how to use them are easy. Read below..


A steamer has holes to allow steam to pass through and cook food. Anything that would be steam-able, which is almost everything can be put in a steamer. To use a steamer you put the steamed food into it and allows the steam out the holes and the food gets kicked.
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Liquid Measuring Cup

A liquid measuring cup is only used to measure liquids. To use it you basically put any type of liquid in it, and measure it out. To get the perfect measurement you could put it on a flat counter and make sure its leveled out perfectly.
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Those are 5 types of kitchen equipment's and how to use them. All pretty easy to use and to now what they are.