Before starting I have a question for you

Do you get bullied or pressured into things?

Do you bully others?(Make fun of them or be mean)

Addiction is when you can’t stop taking/doing something. You can get addicted to many different things and you can be affected in many different ways. This is to tell you how addiction starts, where it happens and what you can get addicted to.

There are many things you can get addicted to. Such as food, drugs, alcohol and gambling. Some of them lead to losing your house, family and even your life.

Is it worth it?

Trying To Fit In

There is that one game that all your friends are playing, they play it all the time and say that you will be cool if you play it. So you do, the you play it more often,then you can’t beat this level, so you are determined to do it. You get stressed and start doing bad in school because all you focus on is the game. Now your parents take it away and you get angry and depressed from withdrawal. You remember that your friend has the game and you do over to play it. Now you go over every day for hours on end, you go over and your friend wants to go outside but you keep forcing him to play. The next day he doesn't answer the door but you know he is home because the cars are there.So you go over to your other friends house and he doesn't answer either, so you keep going but the same thing happens each time. So you go to school and nobody talks to you like they did last week,you keep doing worse in school without friends. Was it worth it? Your mom just wanted what was best for you.


Trends are started and become popular but some of them end and that effects alot of people in a lot of negative ways...

Have you heard of one direction? If so then you would know that zayn left… He had so many obsessed fans that when he left the band 8 girls committed suicide, or more only 8 were reported. That is trend addiction.

Are you Addicted?

There are many thing's that you can get addicted to and now I want to see if you are addicted to something. Close your eyes and think...

Is there a game that you play all the time?

Sometimes in class?

Or instead of homework?

Don't just think that it will be nothing because you can loose your sight. There is a girl who played her video game too long and suffered from it. She lost her sight, don't worry she got it back after a few months of wearing special glasses. It can happen to you.


Many games now rely on server's for players to interact and to make the game seem better. For example I play clash of clan's. The game has a chat and things that are called clans(most server game's have things like that). Inside the clan you have the option to talk and donate troops for battles. People don't think of it but you can get bullied on the global chat line. Lats is why they have a reporter so you can mute(not see what they wright) and you can report them for it. You can get addicted to it like all games but server game's are not as simple because you only have one thing to work with and when you are on it for too long you get bored.

Don't Forget About The "Amazing" Offers

You need to pay for things called gems to speed up or finish things. As seen above they offer tiny things for you to use gems and then you need to purchase more of them. They offer things like red where you buy gems they donate money from that. You do it then at some point you end up spending all your gems then you buy more. All of the sudden you grow up and stop playing the game... money down the drain.

Now We Have That Out Of The Way

I hope that you enjoyed this project! If you want to I have a comment box off to the side for you to comment in.

Any Questions?