I Can Stay Healthy

Have you ever thought that you want to be healthy? well if you want to you have to eat less sugar and more healthy foods like carrots,salad,green beans, corn, potatoes ,salad, celery, lettuce.You can eat things with nutrients,Look at the food labels to see how healthy that food is and live a healthy lifestyle.You can stay healthy by eating a little amount of junk food.

Food Labels

Do food labels help you?Well guess what they do why they help you a lot.People look at food labels to see witch food is healthy and what not is healthy if you look at food labels you can see what is healthy.You should always look at the serving size to see how to make that food food labels can actualy save you're life of being healthy food labels can tell you how much fat and calories there is.You should always look at the food labels any time you have to.Sometimes food labels can trick you into buying there food.Food labels has all important stuff food labels are important that's why you look at food labels.If you look at food labels you did the right thing!

Always Stay Healthy

You can stay healthy by eating fruits and vegetables.As you can see nutrients, dietary, guidelines, food labels help you stay healthy with foods to keep healthy.To stay really healthy you need to eat more healthy foods than sweets.

Dietary Guidelines

The dietary guidelines can help you stay healthy.Eat oily fish or sardines.You can get oil from nuts, fish, corn oil, sun bean oil, canola oil.Dietary guide lines are suggested goals.Eat whole grain bread and pasta and brown rice.Buy low-fat versions of food such as creamy ranch.Drink low-fat milk or skim.

3rd Grade Nutrision

There are 6 secrets about nutrients.Nutrients have things in them that is healthy to keep you healthy so you can stay healthy and strong and when you eat and work out the best things to eat is a banana or a sandwich.Nutrients have all kinds of health that builds up blood cells to keep you more healthy than you ever been!