Radical Rubrics

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What criteria do you use to create rubrics for projects in your course(s)?

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Rubrics are tools for teachers AND students

Well designed rubrics are used to:
  • diagnose strengths and areas of improvement
  • provide feedback that guides students in revision of their work
  • help students to develop their understanding of quality, self-assess, and set goals

Effective rubrics promote RADICAL changes in student performance!

Steps to Create a RADICAL Rubric

Review project steps and instructions

Align to the standard

Determine critical learning targets

Identify rubric criterion

Create indicators of quality

Allocate point values

Language, language, language

Common Core Rubric Creation Tool



  • starter tool to ensure grade level and writing mode alignment to the standards
  • allows selection of specific learning targets within the standard for rubric criterion
  • indicates if rubric criterion should be assessed on a sentence, paragraph, or whole document level


  • does not provide indicators for rubric criterion
  • language is not student friendly
  • visual representation is not...radical

Best used for...

Brainstorming rubric criterion and focusing your grading practices

Performance Level Descriptors



  • describes what proficiency looks like at each level of a specific standard
  • ready made indicators that can copied and pasted directly into a rubric


  • does not address all AZCCRS (only those assessed on the AzMERIT test)

Best used for...

Developing indicators for standard specific rubric criterion (simply copy and paste) and those who teach math

Common Core Writing Rubrics



  • ready made standard aligned rubrics for all grade levels and writing modes
  • clear indicators for each level of proficiency


  • requires registration to remove watermark from rubric
  • indicators are clear, but not converted to student friendly language
  • Literacy specific, no math available

Best used for...

Starter templates for anyone new to common core

Kathy Schrock's Rubric Resource Bank

A plethora of rubrics for common core, content standard, holistic, analytical, web 2.0 tools, digital presentations, any rubric for any assignment imaginable!

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