hAppy Thursday


Add websites to iPad screen as an App icon

There might be a time that you would want a website added to your ipad. For example I have add the go.csisd.org page as an icon on my ipad so I can get to it faster.

Adding to your homescreen;

  1. find the website you want in your browser
  2. on the top of the screen hit the share button
  3. select add to home screen

Saving an Icon to Home Screen on your iPhone/iPad Device

What are some ways we can use iPads in our classroom?

  • camera
  • video camera
  • to search the web
  • to control your computer
  • timer
  • classroom management tool
  • to play games
  • to take notes
  • seating chart
  • random name picker
  • to check and respond to email
  • as a documentation tool
  • calendar
  • tell time
  • schedule events
  • calculator
  • many, many, more