South Dakota

The Land Of Infinite Variety


South Dakota is an incredible state with so many wonderful things to offer! You will learn about some of the states fun facts, the many resources that it offers, a interesting location, some cool landforms and a few neat places that you can visit. I hope that you learn a lot about South Dakota just like i did and i cant wait to go back!

State Facts

South Dakota has many fabulous facts such as the state capital, state fish, state animal, and the state stone. This awesome state capital is Pierre. Pierre is located in central South Dakota. One of the cool facts I have learned about was the state fish. The Walleye became the state fish in 1982. This game fish is found in Northeastern lakes and in the Missouri River. Another fun fact I learned was the state animal. The Coyote became the state animal in 1949. They are most common along the Missouri River and in the Black Hills. Finally we have the state stone. The Fairburn Agate became the state stone in 1966. The stone is named after a town called Fairburn. The state capital , state fish, state animal, and state stone are just a few of South Dakota's fabulous facts!


South Dakota has many resources including many crops and livestock. Some crops that South Dakotans grow are rye, oats, and spring wheat. If you drive anywhere along South Dakota you are most likely to drive past fields of spring wheat and rye. Beef made from cattle are livestock that South Dakotans love to eat. You can find them among the plains of South Dakota. Crops and livestock are two resources that South Dakota has plenty of.


South Dakota has a very cool location. South Dakota is located in the midwest region of the United States. North Dakota is north of South Dakota and Nebraska is south of South Dakota. There is also no large body of water that borders South Dakota. The Sunshine State has a beautiful location!


South Dakota has a few interesting landforms in it. South Dakota has lots of mountains, hills, and plains. A really famous mountain in South Dakota is Crazy Horse. Crazy Horse is a famous indian that lived long ago people like seeing the mountain because they like to honor Crazy Horse for everything hes done. A really important river in South Dakota is Lake Missouri.It flows through the plains of South Dakota.The Grand River also flows into the Missouri River. The Badlands are also famous for their majestic hills. The hills also atract South Dakotans and lots of tourists for their beautiful scenery. Mount Rushmore and Lake Missouri are just a few landforms in the Sunshine State!

Fun Places to Visit

South Dakota has many fun places to visit such as the Little Town on the Prairie Historical Site and Mount Rushmore National Memorial. The Little Town on the Prairie Historical Site is a place where visitors can see Laura's childhood home and see how life was back then.The Historical Site is located in De Smet. The Mount Rushmore National Memorial is located in the Black Hills. The mountain has 4 president heads on it people chose these presidents to be on the mountain because of what great leaders they were. This place is good to visit with familys and friends! The Little Town on the Prairie Historical Site and Mount Rushmore are just a few fun places to visit while you are here!


South Dakota is a wonderful place to visit! I have told you about some cool fun facts, a couple of the resources it has, an awesome location, some amazing landforms and some cool places you can visit! I hope you learned something new about the Sunshine State!