Tiger Choral in Concert

From Our Land to Yours

Friday, May 15th 2015 at 6pm

Nice, France

Nice, PACA

Come to our tres magnifique children's concert! The Tiger Chorale from Taylor Elementary School in Bradley County, Tennessee will be performing on the main square in downtown, Nice, France. The Tiger Chorale will be singing and dancing to traditional American Folk Songs and Traditional French Provencal Folk Songs. "From Our Land, To Yours."

Our Special Day is Coming Soon!

This photograph was taken on the main square in Nice, France by the director of the Tiger Chorale, Leah Gilbert. Taylor Elementary student's are anxious to arrive!


From Our Land To Yours

Folk in France


American Shanty

Shoo Fly!

American Folk Song

Ton Thé

Music by Jeanne & Robert Gilmore

Arranged by Susan Brumfield


French Folk Song

Fais Do Do

French Lullaby