Ms. Parrett's Weekly Update

Volume 4 Week of 9/21/15

Check out what's happening in our classroom this week:


On Friday Sept. 11th each student checked out a new Just Right book on their level. Each student will take an Accelerated Reader test again on the computer sometime this week. I am so proud to say all students scored 80% or higher on their first tests. If a student does not pass a test, I have them read the book again, and retake the quiz.

This week students will be introduced to their Reading Book Boxes. These boxes will hold 10 books on their level they can read independently during class. Students will go shopping every 2 weeks to choose new books to put in their books. Once we begin Guided Reading (small reading groups based on students' levels), students will put their books taught during reading group in their boxes as well. During Reading Time each day this week, students will be reading independently from their Reading Book Boxes in a special reading spot they choose and taking AR tests.


We will continue working on writing small moment narrative stories.


We have completed our review of the alphabet and learned all the sound-letter associations. This week we will focus on learning how blend words with three sounds by tapping out the words on our fingers.


We will continue to work on Number Sense for numbers 1-120 which includes counting, recognizing, and writing these numbers. I will be placing a 120 Hundred Chart in the back sleeve of your child's Homework Folder. The purpose for this chart is for students to be able to use it for Math Homework when necessary and to begin practicing counting, identifying, and writing numbers to 120. If your child has already mastered this skill, please do continue on to 200 and have him/her work on practicing counting by 2's, 3's, 4's.

Design Principle - Success and Failure

Design Principle for September. "Success is sweet, but mistakes are good food." We will begin talking about this principle this week by discussing what these words mean and how they apply to a First Grader's life at school and at home. We will read the following books and discuss how the characters responded to success and failure - Brave Irene and Hooray For Reading Day.

Social Studies

We have learned about American Folk Heroes Johnny Appleseed and John Henry. Please ask your child facts they learned about both these men. This week we will learn about Paul Bunyan, Davy Crockett, and Annie Oakley.


Reading Homework for all First Grade will begin Monday September 21st. Your child will bring home a colored, cloth bag with 4 books on their level. These will be first glance books. Meaning your child has never read/seen them before. They should be able to read them on their own as they will be on their level. If you notice your child is missing 5 or more words on a given page in any of the books or is just struggling to read any of the books in general, please let me know. There will be a Reading At Home prompting/support card for you to use to follow up with your child after they have read each book. You do not need to ask every question on the card after reading every book. You can pick and choose what you want to ask for recall. My idea is for them to read AT LEAST one book a night. Even better if they read each book several times over the 4 nights. As you get into the higher reading levels the books will be longer and this will not always be possible or realistic.

We are still waiting on another shipment of bags so students on Levels I and higher will be checking out a Just Right book from the library to read each night until we get the bags. This means your child needs to bring that Just Right book back each day so a new book can be checked out for that night's homework.

Math Homework will begin week of September 28th.

Information on Upcoming Conferences

You should have received an email from me last week containing the link to sign up for Parent Conferences which begin this week. If you did not, simply go to our Shutterfly Website Page, click on the Volunteer Tab, click on the Parent Conferences Tab under Mystery Reader. Looking forward to seeing all of you over the next 3 weeks!

A Lesson In The Garden

The WYLDE center came out and did a 20 min lesson with the class on Thursday September 10th. Students planted our fall veggie, Napa Cabbage. The school had a credit with them from money left over from a DEF (Decatur Education Foundation) grant written last year. The PTA also helped fund the garden. We will have a fall taste test of the cabbage in the next six weeks.