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Week of September 8-12

What do you think your students remember the most about their first days of school?

We have now completed 2 weeks of school and it is evident students are understanding expectations and routines. The upfront investment of building relationships, establishing clear expectations and accountability is vital as we begin to train and do work with our students. It will be the platform you will use to train and challenge your students for success. I always enjoyed the first weeks of school when I was in the classroom because it was important for me to incorporate activities that would be memorable and hopefully make students want to come back into my class the next day. As I reflect now, I wonder if that was my approach all year long? In planning your lessons daily, be deliberate in raising the level of engagement! Click here for more on Engagement!

We are constantly perfecting our craft of teaching! What are characteristics of a skilled teacher?

Skilled teacher...

High expectations for all students – A skilled teacher believes that all students can learn and is adamant in proving the hypotheses. In addition, a skilled teacher refuses to allow assignments, excuses, or external issues from keeping students from reaching their potential.
Prepared and organized – A skilled teacher puts more effort in the pre-lesson process. Their lesson plans are detailed and full of options. Students know at all times what they are learning and the all-important “why”; the objective is crucial. Skilled teachers’ classes flow with ease and with minimum distractions to keep students on-task with the lesson. A well-prepared teacher can change the trajectory of the lesson by making calculated adjustments.
Relationships – A skilled teacher is a master at developing meaningful relationships with students and parents. It’s true -- students do not care how much we know, until they know how much we care.
Engagement – A skilled teacher understands the benefit of engaged students and works meticulously to engage their students in the learning process.

What is your self reflection? Skilled or Not Skilled...

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Teams sharing their Strengths. #GMStrong

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"Children get excited and enthusiastic about learning when they are confident, see they can be successful, are having fun, and are praised." -Ron Clark