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We hope you've been off to a SUPER school year!

We are excited to launch another monthly Smore Newsletter with resources and challenges for you to participate in. The month of September, we want to stress how education is a LABOR OF LOVE!

We know you love what you do, but it is hard work! Get refreshed by remembering 'the why' that brought you into education in the first place. Explore the motivating articles and challenges below. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter to showcase your #CoachingCollab work.


  • At FETC, the coaching session participants can attend - for their 6 required sessions - 5 sessions from the Future of Ed Tech Coaching and the required session will be the iTeach Kickoff session
  • Coaching code for FETC registration is, FETC20KSU (this gives you $150 off on registration)
  • Review the flow of getting started with the Coaching Collab, CLICK HERE
  • Watch the Live Webinar through this link, http://bit.ly/ccollabaug

Labor of Love

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Why it's so hard for teachers to take care of themselves...

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