Students LEARN Fractions Vocabulary

Results Show Better Test Results After Graphic Organizer Use

The Study:

The results are in! The students who used the modified four square graphic organizer in the intervention had more growth than the students who only memorized the definitions of the fraction words in the action research study. The modified four square graphic organizer incorporated active learning, such as talking about the definitions, drawing pictures of the terms, creating examples and non-examples, making associations to help retain the definitions, and writing the terms in sentences. These types of activities helped the students work with the vocabulary terms more and make better connections in their brains. After taking their tests at the end of the unit, the students who used these graphic organizers showed a lot of growth; whereas the definition-only group showed much less growth.

You Can't Argue With Data

In every category, the intervention group (green) showed more growth. Although the scores on the pretest were initially lower, the group ended up surpassing the control group (blue) on the posttest.