Johnson times

Zach Johnson

Volleyball player VS Coach

A volleyball player wanted to take the coach to court because she wasn't getting enough playing time on the court. At first she was playing and getting lots of court time and she even won a award for her good playing. "She said that she thinks that with the coach doing this there is a Loss of letting kids play there favorite sport". The coach even said at try outs that she was the best one that tried out. She signed a contract with the team but she was sitting out in the bench for two major games. When this stared happening she decided to go to court and have a lawsuit.

Wage Increase For McDonald's Workers?

On 4-7-15 people wanted to make the wages higher for McDonald's works. They believe that they need there wages to go up because else they may not have enough to make a living. They have agreed to give a $1 raise and when there on vacation they will still get payed when there off. But only 90,000 workers will be getting the raise. They have minimum pay which is $7.25 in America. But some city's or states set there own minimum wages. Some workers say that the government is going a step further and doing the right thing.

Badgers Meet Final Four

The Badgers meet the final four on April 6th Everyone was cheering and hoping for Wisconsin or Kentucky to win. Well it was a devastating game. The score was 68-62 duke was the winning team. The game took place in Indianapolis if you are a fan of basketball you would've wanted to watch this one. Many people believed that the Badgers should've won because the refs didn't make good calls. In wi many people where mad and where hoping that the Badgers where going to win. But they lost but they set the school record for the farthest they went ever. overall they had a good year.
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