Message From the Principal

September 2020

Welcome Back to the 2020-21 School Year

I am so honored to begin my third year as your principal. The Myers-Wilkins community is incredibly tight-knit, passionate, and resilient. Those traits are the very ingredients we need this year as we navigate a school year that is starting just as non-traditionally as the last one ended. We also must be ready for changes along the way that would not occur in a usual school year. I want you to know that communication has been slow to come forward as we try to manage all of the expectations of MDE and balance them with our current capacity and new investments in staffing and supports for your child whether they are coming to school in our hybrid model or taking part in our digital learning model. I hope to be able to provide more frequent updates with information you need to know in the coming weeks.

Please know that you can call me or email me at any time to get information you need.

Amy Worden, Myers-Wilkins Elementary Principal

218-336-8860 option 2

We Need Your Current Cell Phone and Email

It is important that our school has the correct phone numbers and emails to reach parents. Please email our office if you have updates to phone numbers or emails.

Include your child's name and grade and parent name(s) with updated contact information.

What is the difference between Hybrid Learning and Digitial (Distance) Learning?

If you have chosen Hybrid Learning you are assigned to the Monday/Tuesday group, or the Thursday/Friday group. Teachers began making calls to families on September 3rd to let them know their assigned days and classroom teacher name.

The first day of at school learning for our Monday/Tuesday group is Monday, September 21. The first day of at school learning for our Thursday/Friday group is Thursday, September 24.

Beginning on Tuesday, September 8, all students should start on digital learning activities. In order to make that happen, we are required to get your signature each year to set up electronic accounts for your child. You must give the district permission to give your child an email account and a SeeSaw account to connect with their teacher using the COPPA form.

Any student without a COPPA form in the office before September 18, will lose access to student learning accounts and Chromebooks for digital learning purposes.

CLICK HERE: This COPPA form has to have a parent signature and be returned to school as soon as possible.

You can open the form on your phone and use the drawing tools to add your signature and send a photo of it to school for now, or you can print with this link and return it to school. Our earliest opportunity will be on Tuesday, September 8th between 7-10am or 3-6pm in our Digitial Drive Up. Chromebooks will be available at that time as well. A parent signature is also required on that contract.

Following that, you may stop by school to drop it off. Please slide it under the office door if you are stopping after our office is closed.

SeeSaw will be used for both Hybrid and Digital Learning!

What is Seesaw? Introduction for Families (English)

Check out this site and/or download the App on your mobile device.

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Click below for the School Supply List. **Please note - we have some donated supplies if needed.

We Welcome New Staff Members

Mrs. Zander - Grade 1

Mrs. Chapman - Grade 2

Mrs. Dols - Grade 3

Mr. Steigauf - Grade 4

Ms. Thompson - Grade 4

Mrs. Williams - Grade 5

Mrs. Greene - Families in Transition

Mrs. Gushulak - Media

Mrs. Keller - Reading

Mr. Albright - Special Education

Other changes:

Ms. Wrazidlo is moving from grade two to grade one.

Mrs. Beyer is moving to Kindergarten from second grade.

Mrs. DeSutter is moving from grade four to grade three.

Mrs. Achterhoff is moving from Families in Transition to our new Young Scholars position.

WEEK ONE - Week of September 8-11

Tuesday September 8 - Friday September 11:

  • Elementary grades 1 - 5 students begin in distance learning Sept 8, Kindergarten students begin Sept 10.

  • Whether your child is ready to go online September 8 or not, they will be asked to participate in learning activities.

  • Teachers will reach out to contact elementary students and families and conduct meet and greets.

  • Teachers will contact Kindergarten families to schedule Kindergarten Connection meetings. They can be scheduled either virtually or in-person.

  • Families who have submitted their COPPA forms and received their Google account information will login to SeeSaw and content will be available.

  • During the week, schools will work toward helping families have at least one device, internet access and tools and information related to digital learning and can begin training on the new platforms.

  • Schools will call and/or email to share information about Chromebook pick up and other details.

  • School breakfast/lunch pickup at each school will begin September 8. Meals are distributed between 11:30AM & 1:00PM. Parents/guardians may pick up meals without children present and must provide at least the student name and school.

  • Teachers will be learning about safety precautions for COVID 19 in preparation for elementary in-person hybrid learning and building content for the second week of school.

Families who signed up for hybrid learning will begin following their assigned in-person schedule (Monday/Tuesday or Thursday/Friday) the week of September 21.

We All Wear Masks


  • Face coverings are meant to protect other people in case the wearer does not know they are infected.
  • Unless an allowable exception applies, all students, staff, and other people present indoors in school buildings and district offices or riding on school transportation vehicles are required to wear a face covering.
  • A violation of this policy occurs when any student, staff, or other person present in a school building, in the school district office, or on a school transportation vehicle fails to wear a face covering, unless an enumerated exception applies.


A face covering must be worn to cover the nose and mouth completely, should not be overly tight or restrictive, and should feel comfortable to wear. The following are included in the definition of face covering:

1. Paper or disposable mask;

2. Cloth face mask;

3. Scarf;

4. Neck gaiter;

5. Bandana;

6. Religious face covering; and

7. Medical-grade masks and respirators

Complete your 2020 Census today

Video from City of Duluth


By Phone: 844-330-2020

By Mail: if you have received a paper form in the mail, fill it out and mail it back

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Myers-Wilkins is a diverse school with a wonderful staff and great opportunities!

We encourage each family to be actively involved in their child’s education. Support comes in many ways. Families and caregivers can become active with our family advisory group, volunteer in the classroom once or twice a month, or simply designate a special time each night to talk about your child’s day and spend 15 minutes reading together. Our Wednesday folders are a great tool for school and home connections.

I believe we do our work best when communication is open and frequent. Please reach out to me should you have any questions about our programs and opportunities at Myers-Wilkins Elementary School. We are glad you are here!