Deadly and Addictive

Cocaine~What is it?

Cocaine is a highly addictive powder or "crystal" form drug. It's typically mixed into other drugs and substances such as corn starch and painkillers. Oddly enough, cocaine was originally used as a painkiller. To get the drug cocaine, it is extracted from the leaves of a coca plant.

How Do People Use Cocaine?

Sadly, there are many ways that people can use cocaine to feel a sensation called a high. The first and most common way is to sniff the powder form of cocaine. Sniffing is also called inhaling, which is breathing in the powder through your nose, so the drug gets into your bloodstream. There are more ways to use cocaine including ingestion, rubbing it on your gums, smoking it, and injections. Injections are perhaps the most dangerous way to go about using cocaine, as it goes directly and instantly into your blood. This is why these are common though, because people can't resist being high.

Things You Should Know About Cocaine

Cocaine is the second most common illegal drug in the entire world.

Out of people from ages 15-34, 7.5 million people have used cocaine.

In 2006, a survey conducted by the Drug Abuse Warning Network said that 35.3 million 12+ aged people have used cocaine.

Cocaine ruins lives, mentally and literally.

Cocaine Is Also Known As: MOJO, COKE, WHITE, PARADISE, or SNEEZE

The History Of Cocaine

In ancient times, the Inca people that lived in the Andes would chew on coca leaves. They did this to quicken their breathing to reverse the affects on breathing that living in the Andes Mountains had. Native Peruvian people also chewed leaves at religious ceremonies until it was banned in 1532. Albert Niemann extracted the powder drug from the coca plant in 1859 for medical uses, as he was a chemist. However, Sigmund Fund promoted cocaine, convincing people that cocaine was "magical." People believed him, so they began to use it for not-so-medical reasons.

The Horrible and Disgusting Effects of Cocaine

Short Term Effects of Cocaine Include:
Nausea, anxiety, paranoia, depression, panicking, and violent behavior.

A Few Long Term Effects of Cocaine:
Addiction, disorientation, heart attacks, delirium, severe depression, and even DEATH.

There are only some of the effects cocaine has on your body both physically and mentally.

Essentially, Cocaine Is Horrible For Your Body. DON'T USE IT!