WEEKS OF FEB. 8 & 15, 2016

FEB. 8, MON. - Tech team gone to training, Mon. & Tues.

TUES. - Admin. mtg.

DMTI - Sam Strothers here, refer to previous schedule

Parent training - 3:30-5:00 in the library

WED. - Calibration with Blackfoot here in the morning, Linda T. and I will be gone in the afternoon.

FRI. - RTI, gr. K-2, am.

Staff Pot-luck lunch

Valentine parties, 2:30

FEB. 15, MON.-No School, President's Day

TUES. -Julee gone, testing

Spring class and individual pictures

WED. - I am gone to the district RTI mtg.

THURS.- I have a dist. safety mtg. after school

FRI. - Collaboration - gr. K-2am