Tucson Vs. Fresno:

By: Eric Bryant, Omar Gutierrez

Unemployment rate in Fresno

On October of 2012, the unemployment rate in Fresno is 14.6%, and the amount of people unemployed in Fresno is 64,549.

Unemployment rate in Tucson

In October of 2012, the Tucson unemployment rate is 7.0%, and the amount of people unemployed in Tucson is 31,711 people.

Differences between Tucson and Fresno

The crime rates in Fresno is way off in the amount of rapes compared to Tucson. Over 100 people get raped in Tucson every year. On average, only 42 people get raped in Tucson.

Similarities between Fresno and Tucson

Between the both cities, they have a high amount of unemployment rate. A lot of people get laid off no matter what citie your in. With the a mount of people laid off a year you could probably fill up the Empire State building.