CTE Update

Welcome back!

The news you've all been waiting for...

...We are resuming our CTE training sessions!! All sessions will be held after school, beginning at 3:45pm (unless a session is geared specifically to a certain division). The new schedule has a few sessions on it now; others will be added as they are scheduled. Look for some repeat sessions on Google, Apple, GoAnimate, Glogster, Penzu and more. Also on the horizon, we will be offering NEW classes like Library Resources, Flipped Videos, iBooks Author, and other exciting tech tools to help you transform and redefine students' learning!

Want to teach a session to earn a CTE credit as well as $50?

We still have a few slots up for grabs for a $50 Gift Card. If you wish to earn one of these gift cards, submit your proposal for teaching a CTE session to Ami. (Remember, to qualify for the $50, your session must be open and applicable to any teacher in any division for any subject.)
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