The 5 religion

Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism,Christianity


They believe is Jesus. They have one god. Their holiday is Christmas which is in December 25. Their holy bible is the bible.


They believe is one god. Their god is alla. Their holiday is eid. It is on October 15.

Their holy bible is called Quran.


They believe in one god. Their god is Buddha. They have a lot of holiday but one is known as hanamatsuri. It's is on April 8. Their holy bible is Tripitaka.


They believe is one god. It's the holiday for Jews. They believe in rambam's thirteen principle of faith. Their holiday is Hanukkah which is in November 27 to December 5.

Their holy book is tanakh.


They believe in tons of god.Their holida Diwali . Which is on November 3 . They holy bible is called the Veda.