by kylie sumpter

All about Brazil

Capital: Brasilia

Language: Portuguese

Climate: Mostly tropical, july is the coldest month in Brazil

countries and bodies of water: Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru, &....more Atlantic is its bodies of water

Historical event

1964-A military government is established that rules until 1985 and 2 years later workers and students protest military government because they did not like/ want to obey his rules.


Federal Government:

The Natural congress has an 81 member Federal senate and 513 member chamber of deputies


Brazil has one of the biggest economy in the world with making gold and silver. Brazil produces its own food and also exports fruits, wheat, soybean,meat.They have lots of grasslands that help grow crops and animals for beef and pork.


About 65% of Brazil is roman Catholic.For Easter they have a big carnival they also have children's day (oct 12).They like to play futebol ( soccer).Brazil eats what we like for snacks they like to have junk food ones in a while like candy and chips and maybe some Ice cream

my opinion

  • Brazil is the most beautiful place in the world
  • I believe Brazil is very colorful and bright.
  • i think Brazil has very good food

challenges & possible solution

Heath: Zika virus outbreak spreading quickly through out Brazil and Latin america

  • To try and get ride of it they began mandatory reporting all cases
Government: limited democracy (only aloud man to vote)

  • 1930 changed democracy for woman to be aloud to vote