Sally & Wes' Engagement

You're Invited

Engagement Present Suggestion

Friends and family have asked about engagement presents.

"What would you like?", "what can we get?", "is there a type of registry?"

IF you would like to get something, here is our preference.

Given that we have most things we need and to avoid duplication, IF you would like to get something, we would prefer and have arranged with the homewares store Vast in Grovedale Geelong to manage a gift voucher registry.

By adding a voucher at Vast, basically pooling your kindness, allows us to choose something that we genuinely want, love and can remember you by.

Simply call Vast at Grovedale in Geelong (03) 5244 2244 to arrange a voucher.

Fenwick House - Rockstar home of Penny & Lee

Saturday, Apr 20th, 7pm

2 Island Road, Wallington, Victoria, Australia

Finger food, music, drinks and laughs will be provided.

She Said 'Yes'...

"True love isn't Romeo & Juliet who died together.

It's Grandma & Grandpa who grew old together."

Our wait is over after years of being fussy and choosy.

There was no way that Wes would end up with a floozy.

We found each other from a twinkle of an idea,

Now it is time to celebrate with fun and good cheer.

Our friends and family from both near and far

are asked to join us, not far from a bar.

Our engagement is for you, to meet the bride and the groom

For it will come quickly, not a moment too soon.

We're planning a big show, to meet and to play

for the wedding will be small and an intimate day.

We'd love you to come, to celebrate our joy.

Share a drink and a laugh, with a very happy girl and one very lucky boy.

Please RSVP: Click the link