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Middle College Update 8/24

Hello, Families--

Your student has finished his or her first week of college! Hurray :-)

We had a wonderful social hour at the end of this past week– a nice time to share food and continue getting to know one another. Thank you for sending in such tasty treats. Thank you also to any parents who were able to attend the MC Parent group meeting on Friday evening. I left right after school on Friday for Sonoma (as it turns out, to be closer to the earthquake epicenter!) or I would have dropped in myself for what seemed like a nice evening (next time!).

Some students are still waiting for books to come in at the college bookstore. We have advised students to let the professor know that the books are out of stock in the campus bookstore, and to see if the Learning Center or Library has a copy of the text on reserve if they need a text now to study or complete homework. Students can purchase texts from other sources, but we will not be able to reimburse them for those costs – we can only make purchases through our college bookstore.

School Loop is up and we’ve given kids a quick demo on how to log in. We were granted access late this past week and are still learning our way around the site, so not much is posted yet, but eventually our curriculum will be accessible on the site, as well as grades and attendance. Parents can create accounts as well – but please remember that only curriculum, grades, and attendance for the three MC classes will be posted there. You will not see your student’s college courses on this site as it is strictly for SUHSD. At this point, the district has told us only how students can access School Loop; we’ve not yet received instructions on how parents are able to create accounts. In the meantime, if you are curious about this new site, have your student log in and show you. As I said, we just got access very recently, so not much is posted yet…

I am still working on updating student transcripts with summer grades (for those who took summer class). Chris, our staff assistant, has been working to prepare the summer grades spreadsheet, so once I have that I will get everything entered onto the HS transcript. I will begin with seniors, as they will be using these transcripts soon for college application tasks.

I thought you might be interested in some of what we’ve shared with students these past two weeks:

Presentation on various websites we use in MC – how to access four sites students need to use frequently

Daily schedule for MC classes in fall semester – which classes students have at what time

Teacher Introductions – what we started with on the first day so students could get to know us a little bit

Student reflections -- we asked graduates and current seniors to send us their thoughts on what they first felt when they entered MC and how they felt later as they looked back on the experience

August 27 our students will attend Canada College Convocation ceremony (official college welcome) from 12:30-1:15 in the theater.

August 29 is the last day to change college schedules – students should be contacting me if they need to change a class or still have an add code to submit.

September 1 is a holiday – the campus is closed and there will be NO college or MC classes that day.

Parking lot enforcement begins on September 2; students can purchase a permit online.

We’ve had a great week with the students – thank you for entrusting them to us at MC! We’re going to have a terrific year together