Destiny and Draycen, Period 3

Myths and Stories

The Scorpius is a zodiacal constellation, the scorpion (which Scorpius comes from) was believed to be responsible for the death of the great hunter Orion, according to some myths the scorpion stung Orion in response to high boast that he could defeat any beast. Scorpius was believed to be placed in the opposite side of the sky to avoid anymore conflict with Orion.


Scorpius is visible at 11 pm starting on March 20th. Its is completely visible on May 9th. But is almost completely gone on August 30th.

The Stars.

Scorpius' brightest star is Antares. The Antares star is the brightest one and it is located in the middle of the Scorpius constellation. There is also Graffias, Dschubba, Jabba, and Icily.