Oceanside Go Read...The Sequel!

We had so much fun last year, we decided to do it again!

We're launching year 2 of OSD Go Read with...

The Sequel Challenge!

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Here's what you need to know to play along!

1. A banner has been created for each of our schools with the OSD Go Read...The Sequel logo in front of the text of a famous book sequel/second in a series. Banners are displayed at each school, can be seen below and at the Oceanside Library, and are posted on our website.

2. Identify the sequel titles on each of the banners and enter your answers on the Google form below.

3. Ten google form entries containing all of the ten book titles correctly identified will win an OSD Go Read… The Sequel prize.

We will announce the name of all ten book titles and our ten winners on November 20th!

Click on each banner below to enlarge.

Stay tuned for more OSD Go Read...The Sequel yearlong events!

Tweet your reading photos to @OSDGoRead

Of course, don't forget to pick up one of these great sequels at the Oceanside Library! @OsideNYLibrary

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OSD gives a special thanks to Fran Cuomo-Perpero for her creative work on this project!