2nd Grade Science

Hands-on, minds-on activities


Dear 2nd Grade Parents,

Wow! 2nd graders have been learning non-stop in science! First, we navigated around the grounds using compasses. We put “Red Fred in the Shed” and found apples waiting for us at the end of the treasure hunt.

We learned about Ben Franklin who was a great patriot and inventor. In honor of his experiments with electricity, we used static electricity to try to move a soda can. We had a lot of fun charging the balloons with our hair.

We also supported Dr. Ludy’s water pumps for Lebanon project by creating water filters. Table groups used sand, gravel, charcoal and coffee filters to filter dirty water through soda bottles. Most groups ended up with water that would be good to use when watering plants.

Then we started our insect unit. We learned that ants follow a scent trail. They get confused when an obstacle is placed in front of them. We watched a video showing several experiments and predicted what the ants would do next. Each child got a cricket to observe and conducted simple experiments- Will it eat? Will it drink water? How far will it jump?

We used bug eye viewers to understand how insects see. We classified insect specimens incased in acrylic and determined which one wasn’t an insect (it was a scorpion)

We will learn about complete and incomplete metamorphosis. We will get the cockroaches out and see how they compare to Hexbugs, charting the different terrains that each one can navigate.

On Friday i sent 66 paper monarchs and 1 class monarch to Mexico. Please look up the symbolic migration at http://www.journeynorth.org. We have looked at the monarch migration and will be talking in depth about the whooping cranes as they migrate to Florida.

SUPER SCIENCE SATURDAY- OCTOBER 24th 9-12 Our high school students plan and teach lessons to our younger students. Don't let your child miss out on this annual highlight. Flyers went home today.

Carpe Diem!

Diana Matthews

Elementary Science Educator

Insect Test

Mrs. Gendron & Dr. Ludy’s classes, Monday, October 26th

Mrs. Lockhart & Mrs. DelPizzo’s classes, Wednesday, October 28th

Walk in The Woods Dates

Second graders will walk in the woods three times at the Upper School to observe seasonal trips. The first is scheduled for the week of October 19th. We take a Country Day bus as a class over to the 13 Mile Campus. We walk through the woods, make observations and take the bus back to the Lower School. If the weather is poor, we simply don’t go. The trip is taken during science time, so no chaperones are needed.

Mrs. Gendron- Tuesday, October 20th

Mrs. Lockhart- Wednesday, October 21st

Dr. Ludy- Thursday, October 22nd

Mrs. DelPizzo- Friday, October 23rd